A Biblical Based Marriage

This form of sacrifice is different in many ways to many marriages; however, the principle is the same. A biblically-based marriage is a marriage where the husband and the wife put the need of each other before themselves even when they don't feel like it. A biblically-based marriage means that the married couple understands that their needs will often come secondary to their spouse's needs. It is not because the spouse deserves it; it is because unconditional love demands it. 

A Woman's Need

A woman is a help-mate to her husband. And although it often appears that the Bible calls her to submit to her husband, this is not the case. A woman needs to be loved and feel secure.  She needs to know that she is not being used or taken advantage of.  When a woman's needs are met, she feels more empowered to support and nurture freely—giving her spouse and her family a sense of unconditional love that a relationship with God can only surpass through Jesus Christ.


This dilemma makes the role of a wife a tough one when she marries a man who puts themself before God—creating a mess out of the covenantal order of the design of marriage.  This is why women struggle with the submission part of marriage.  This feeling is valid because how can a woman submit to a man who does not submit to God.

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A Man's Need

A man is called to be the head of the marriage; however, his mistakes often lead to the wife losing respect for him as the head because he is not perfect. However, it is easy for men to comprehend that the head of the household is a position to be respected, even amid our failures.

The woman finds this hard to understand.  Just like the woman finds it difficult to submit, the man often finds it hard to show love when he feels disrespected, primarily through a display of patience.  


This conflict is usually at the root of all marital issues and, if left unchecked, quickly leads to isolation and unforgiveness in a marriage.  

This is why a husband needs to keep Christ at the head of his life!