Family Affair Ministeries, LLC

Christian Based Martial Coaching

Family Affair Ministries is a Christian Faith-based organization committed to assisting couples in grasping the fundamental truths and principles of marriage as outline in the Christian Bible.

Many couples believe that marriage confirms or validates the love they have for each other. Although this is true, the reason God created marriage aside for procreation was to teach us the truth and principles of unconditional love. Marriage to many makes the relationship official, so that family and friends recognize two individuals are now husband and wife, in their eyes and the eyes of God. The truth is marriage indirectly helps us learn the power of forgiveness and the need to know that God can be glorified in and through our marriages when we put Him in His rightful position at the head of our marriages.

Family Affair Ministries focuses on coaching couples in their marriage instead of counseling them. It is our belief by coaching couples, a greater probability of growth and understanding is achieved by cultivating independent and proactive martial growth, through the application of biblical principles to the marital relationship. 

This is why we believe every couple(team) needs a coach!

Loving Couple